"We no longer have managers reassigning records to be distributed across agents. SRR allows us to be very flexible depending on the team's needs.

We are now able to distribute leads to a team based on the agents' work schedules and assign evenly across a group of agents.

It's a game changer!"

Diana Maali
Product Owner, Vacation Innovations

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"OmniChannel didn't work for us and having Management do the assignment was cumbersome"


Vacation Innovations had several issues and use-cases that prompted them to look for a solution.

Like many Salesforce customers they first tried using OmniChannel routing. However OmniChannel's service-oriented approach didn't quite work for them as it relied too much upon the agents' login status.  Diana said: "OmniChannel did not work for all agents as it required them to be available and it was hard to track how many records each person was getting and if an agent did not login or forgot to login, records were not being distributed".
Manual assignment of leads happens in different ways across Salesforce orgs, and Diana explained how they were doing it at Vacation Innovations; "We had teams working off of list views and having their management reassign records as they came into different queues. This was cumbersome".  Also, they wanted agents to work different campaigns which meant they needed a way to evenly distribute a certain number of records across all agents for any given campaign.
Within two weeks of discovering SuperRoundRobin as a possible solution, Diana had it set up to automate routing and assignment for their Lead, Opportunity and Contact objects.

Vacation Innovations use SuperRoundRobin to route and assign their Lead, Opportunity and Contact records.

Extending SRR to integrate with High Velocity Sales
Working with our customers is often about solving their problems as efficiently as possible. At Vacation Innovations they use High Velocity Sales and immediately after assignment they need to add the lead to a specific Sales Cadence. Diana's developers were having a long running challenge of being able to get their high number of leads quickly added to Sales Cadences whilst staying within the strict Salesforce governor limits.

My developers were using Apex triggers to assign a record to a Sales Cadence after it had been assigned via SRR. Ed suggested making a change in SRR where we can assign a Sales Cadence from the match group. This allows us to disable any jobs that are running so we can free up system resources and be able to get leads added to HVS more quickly. This is a game changer for us!

Diana Maali

Setup and "amazing" customer support
From time to time everybody needs a bit of assistance or help to think something through.  When Diana or anyone else at Vacation Innovations needs a helping hand the team at SuperRoundRobin (usually Ed) are on the case - always looking for the most efficient solution to the next challenge.  Often SRR will have the tool-set to do it out-of-the-box and other times we integrate with Flow to get more sophisticated things done.  Whatever the solution, we help get our customers there as fast as possible.

Customer Support has been pretty amazing compared to other companies out there. We had assistance in our initial setup as well as throughout the entirety of us using SRR. Ed has been super helpful and is always extremely timely in his replies. I also enjoy brainstorming on ways we can better utilize the product to help us become more efficient. I appreciate Ed being willing to make updates to the system periodically to introduce new features that are always helpful!

SuperRoundRobin features used by Vacation Innovations

  • Even Distribution of Leads

  • Geographical and Attribute Segmentation

  • Capacity-Based Assignment Capping

  • Out of Office

  • Add To Sales Cadence

  • Working Hours

    SuperRoundRobin is "absolutely" recommended by Vacation Innovations
    Diana has confidence that she is working with a robust tool that is backed up by meticulous customer service with deep expertise in the Salesforce platform.  When asked if she would recommend SuperRoundRobin, Diana said:

    Absolutely, I cannot say enough about how much we rely on SRR to help make various departments work more efficiently. Knowing which match group something was assigned to also helps us report off of that information to know which match groups were the most successful. I am happy with the product and most importantly the customer service experience. It is comforting to know that at any point we can reach out with questions so we can continue to enhance our processes.

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