"SuperRoundRobin effectively cut onboarding lead times for sales by two weeks.  It lifted a lot of burden from the technical dev team.

I would definitely recommend SuperRoundRobin to other Salesforce users."

Jakub Klimaszewski
Salesforce and CRM Business Owner

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Booksy faced lead management bottlenecks when leveraging Salesforce for B2B in 2020, they needed a solution fast to meet ambitious plans for expansion

Jakub Klimaszewski, Salesforce and CRM Business Owner at Booksy explains their scalability challenges:

When we first implemented Salesforce in March 2020, there were 70 users, a year later this had increased to 300 users, and right now we have 600+ users in our organization.
We’ve experienced rapid growth. At the beginning of this timeline, when we had a few users - we were using Apex. When the lead came in, it was created as an account, and then an opportunity for our sales team to work on. Afterwards, we needed to add custom code to assign the lead based on a number of
preset conditions.
Clearly the systems and processes at Booksy were evolving quickly and becoming more and more complex.  On top of this their rapid growth meant new reps were joining which required the technical team to add them via custom code.
"We rapidly found custom code addition of this type was not scalable. As the team grew, with 50+ joiners every month — lead assignment and other changes, for example, due to someone being off on holiday, were taking considerable resources. This process had become a huge burden.  Two weeks would pass after you first requested the change as a sales manager."
Our team developer was flooded, especially at the start or the end of the month and focussing up to 50% of his time just on lead assignment, which was ridiculous. We saw rapid growth in leads and had ambitious plans for expansion. It was clear that the system was not scalable. We needed an alternative.

Jakub Klimaszewski

Summary of Requirements
At Booksy their primary challenge was getting new sales reps onboarded and assigned leads as efficiently as possible.  What this really meant is they needed this to be done by the sales managers - not the technical team - to be able to organise their team; adding and removing reps, scaling up and down the number of leads they are assigned, and other simple things like holiday.

Booksy went on to integrate SuperRoundRobin in March 2021, saving weeks of development time and manual resources

"SuperRoundRobin effectively cut onboarding lead times by two weeks. The sales managers went from having to wait two weeks to assign new people leads, to being able to automatically assign them in two minutes. After we started using SRR, new sales team members could start working on leads immediately after their training. Also, sales managers can now easily organise their team — who joins, leaves and goes on holiday. Before that, everything needed to go through a centralised global team."

Implementing SuperRoundRobin didn’t just improve things - it streamlined the whole process.

Some of the SuperRoundRobin features used by Booksy

  • Weighted Distribution

  • Geographical and Attribute Segmentation

  • Capacity-Based Assignment Capping

  • Omni Status Away

  • Out of Office

  • Working Hours

    Booksy use SuperRoundRobin to route and assign Account, Opportunity and Case records.

    It was easy to install and free to test in the sandbox
    "My colleague contacted Ed Ralph for technical support about this. We’ve had a really great experience with SuperRoundRobin and Ed as a technical support person. We’ve been really happy with this partnership.

    Once we set it up for the first country as a proof of concept - we never looked back. As we developed as a company, increasing the number of people and processes globally, it was never a question of if we should include SuperRoundRobin in the process, but just how many licenses we needed."

    "We rate the support we've received as 10/10" - Jakub

    Two weeks cut from sales onboarding lead times

    Rapid expansion plans supported

    Sales Managers have control of the sales process

    Hundreds of hours of technical dev time saved

    Automate record assignment in your Salesforce org today

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